All About More Choices’ Infertility Journal

By Jessica Exstrom

Infertility is something that can be incredibly difficult to talk about. It’s a topic that can be heavy and emotional, whether you’re dealing with it yourself or know someone who is. Infertility can bring up emotions you didn’t know you had, create uncomfortable situations with your partner, and much more. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. There are resources and support available to help you navigate through this challenging time.

To help, More Choices, a subset of Marketing Choices, has published a guided journal about infertility. This journal details the steps to follow on your infertility journey and is made to help you through it. To learn more about this helpful journal, read on. 

What is Infertility?

First, it’s important to address what infertility is and means to people. There are many issues that can be brought up with pregnancy and pregnancy planning. There are new and different things to consider, like timing, resources, learning enough before birth, trying to conceive, and more. Sometimes, infertility is a serious problem many people face. Infertility is a condition where a woman or man is unable to conceive a baby due to specific biological challenges. To some, it may not seem a big deal, but it is a serious issue that can be detrimental to many people, including those trying to get pregnant, their families, and their partners. 

With infertility, there are many steps to be taken to try and have a child. Some people utilize resources like surrogacy, certain medical treatments, or adoption. For many, these options aren’t ideal or don’t work out, and those trying to be pregnant have to face the reality of a child-free life. These attempts at parenthood can do serious damage to a person’s emotions and feelings about themselves, so we made something to work through it. Our company has created a guided journal to help those facing infertility in an effort to change perspectives, educate the reader on different options, and ultimately accept the reality of infertility.

What’s Inside 

Writing out your feelings can help people work through difficult moments in life. A plain journal can be intimidating as it is empty and blank, and you are left to write out anything and everything. The lack of prompts and mental exercises can deter you from writing out your thoughts and feelings. With our journal, Baby or Not Here We Grow…; there are prompts all throughout to guide your writing, including appointment and cycle tracking, inspirational quotes, information about fertility treatment, and more. To keep you on a schedule, there are daily reminders, spaces to write out the dates of entry, and daily habits to maintain each day. Each part of this journal was carefully designed with love and with keeping in mind helping you.

These different parts of the journal were made to check in on your emotions, including your fears and struggles. They were also made to help you with your options in the face of infertility, like considering adoption. The journal includes countless pages of inspiration, emotional development, relationship information, and more. You’ll be prompted to rank how you feel, have the chance to write out why you feel that way, and keep track of each day you use it all to keep track of your own health and self-view. 

The overall layout of the book includes different stages of the infertility journey. It will brief you on infertility itself, then slowly work through the different options you can pursue. Finally, it wraps up to help you accept yourself as you are and to make peace with infertility.

How This Journal Can Help You

How you feel, how you’re handling your infertility, and what to do in this unique situation are the ultimate goals of this journal! It was made to help you out and aimed at the emotional struggles behind infertility. We want you to know your options but also maintain good mental health. We want you to have all the information you need but also to keep your emotions in check and not ignore how you feel. It’s an opportunity for you to learn how to process the situation you’re going through, learn more about it, and eventually. We hope you’re able to heal from it. You can learn from this difficult experience, and this can be the first, non-intimidating step to healing.

To learn more about yourself and your infertility, try out our journal. There is so much to learn about this journey and about yourself. You can purchase this journal on our website or now on Amazon!

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