What Are The Adoption Services in Colorado?

By Gabrielle Maya

Are you a birth mother living in the state of Colorado? You have an unexpected pregnancy and plan on choosing adoption as an option. However, you may not be aware of any adoption agencies in Colorado or the provided adoption servicesAdoption Choices of Colorado is an agency you can count on. We will help answer all your questions regarding adoption and unplanned pregnancy services. We understand and empathize with you. Adoption can be an overwhelming decision. You are doing a selfless act for your child. We will help every step of the way. For more information on how to start your adoption, keep reading.

What Is an Adoption Plan?

An adoption plan is a step a birth mother must complete until the entire adoption process is finalized. The first two steps you will be asked to do are: figure out what type of adoption you want and what kind of adoptive family to choose.

There are three basic adoption types you can choose from. Do any of these types resonate with you?

Open Adoption

I am a birth mother interested in having a relationship with my child and the adoptive family in the future. I want consistent close communication with my child. Types of contact options are personal emails and letters, in-person visits, and phone/video calls. 

Closed Adoption

I’m a birth mother who chooses that no contact form is best. I think the child will have a healthy, happy life with the adoptive family I chose. 

Semi-Open Adoption

I am a birth mother who wants a relationship with the adoptive family and my child. However, I think I should schedule communication on a professional basis. Forms of communication can be professional emails and letters with photographs, video and phone calls, and scheduled in-person visits. All contact forms are updates on the child’s well-being and are mediated through Adoption Choices of Colorado.

Five common questions to consider when choosing an adoptive family are:

1. Location

Do you want the adoptive family to be near you? In the same county, state, or city?

2. Values and Morals

Having similar values and morals is an essential preference for you. Does it matter if they have some different opinions about living a well-balanced life?

3. Upbringing

Do you want an adoptive family that shares the same views on how a child should be raised? Are you flexible and will accept if they have some differences in raising a child?

4. Race/ Ethnic background

Would you prefer an adoptive family with the same background as you, or does it not matter?

5. Religion

Is religion an essential part of your life that you want a family with the same religion to raise your child? Do you think any family with any type of religious background is fine? If you are an atheist, do you want your adoptive family to be atheists?

Consider these questions very carefully, including other kinds of preferences you have in mind. Once you have completed this checklist, your adoption specialist from Adoption Choices of Colorado will find the adoptive families that are a good fit for you. 

Colorado Adoption Services: What’s Involved?

Adoption Choices of Colorado offers several unplanned pregnancy services for you and your child. We understand that this entire adoption process can be overwhelming. You may not be financially stable or have any resources to rely on. We are here to offer you eligible resources to apply for. From the start of your adoption to post-placement, our agency is here to provide the support you need. 

Financial Aid

If you don’t have enough financial stability or savings to help support your adoption, we offer loans and grants. We encourage you to check your eligibility and apply to our financial resources. We can pay off your rent, groceries, maternity clothes, phone bill, transportation fees, and medical expenses.

Medical Assistance

We understand that medical expenses can be burdensome. Whether you have a reliable doctor and insurance, know that we have doctors who are happy to take your case and watch over you and your child’s health. We can help you stay on track with your checkups and other appointments.


Your home may not be accommodating for an adoption. You want safety and comfort and plenty of space for yourself. We offer potential accommodation near you. We have a list of locations that you can choose from and discuss with your adoption specialist.

Birth Plan

This is one of the steps of the adoption plan. Your due date will be getting closer. One of your discussions with your doctor is about planning the birth. We want you to feel safe and comfortable when giving birth. All decisions are final and made by you. The location of the birth, who is in the delivery room, if you choose to breastfeed, if you want an all-natural birth or c section; the doctor will make it happen.

Free Counseling

With an adoption process to think about, all your emotions and feelings may have been tossed to the side. Whether you went through the push and pull of adoption, these thoughts and feelings are valid and common for a birth mother. There are counseling sessions you can go to 24/7. You can choose one or group counseling. We are available to you after the adoption and during. Learn to accept, cope, and acknowledge your adoption.

Adoption Choices of Colorado is a reliable agency that you can trust. Our unplanned pregnancy services offer step-by-step guidance on completing your adoption and finding the right adoptive family. You are brave, courageous, and strong. Adoption is an option for all birth mothers alike. Regardless of your circumstances, we support and validate your decisions, emotions, and feelings. 

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