“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

~ Lao Tzu

The paths to adoption is as unique as the prospective adoptive parents who find them. Each and every prospective adoptive parent has a different story and reason for why they choose to adopt. Infertility, loss of a child, inability to conceive a baby — the list is endless. However, there is one common denominator that all prospective adoptive parents share. It’s that they have a strong desire to have a family and have big hearts, full of love and compassion that are ready to welcome a child into their lives. Even if this child doesn’t come from their own DNA.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Adoption Choices of Colorado is excited and ready to support you on this important chapter in your life, and understands the stresses behind this particular piece of the process. We are here to offer our services to you, and want to help you in any way we can.

One of the most important first steps to beginning your adoption journey is selecting your adoption agency, then scheduling an in-person orientation meeting. Here are some questions to help you start your adoption process as prospective adoptive parents.

What is your policy regarding levels of openness in your adoption process?

What kind of adoption are you looking for? There are three options: open, semi-open or closed. Before starting the adoption process as a prospective adoptive parent, it’s important to research each option to determine which is right for you. In other words, some deep, soul-searching. You’ll need to ask yourself important questions and consider several things before embarking fully into the adoption journey. That way, by the time you reach out to an adoption agency, these pieces are figured out and you have a clearer grasp on what you want. This, in turn, will help us know how to best guide you.

Adoption Choices of Colorado, as an adoption agency, promotes and encourages open adoption. We believe that there are amazing benefits with open adoption, and that it holds everyone’s best interest at heart. This is especially true when it comes to the child, which is what we are all about. Finding and matching families with children who need loving homes.

Are there any educational or training programs available for adoptive parents?

When starting the adoption process as a prospective adoptive parent, you may feel overwhelmed by all the information available. You may not know what you should do and not do to best prepare to parent an adopted child. Asking your chosen adoption agency this question will lead you to great resources.

With Adoption Choices of Colorado, we abide by state law, which requires 16 hours of face-to-fact training for all families adopting domestically. All of these hours must be completed prior to placement through our CORE Training. Our agency offers these trainings one weekend a month, and includes guest speakers and a newborn trainer. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or check out the details on our website.

What kinds of support services do you offer before, during and after placement?

As prospective adoptive parents, you want to be sure that you find an adoption agency that will be supportive and follow you every step of the way. That will never leave you out of the loop, or drop you at any time during the adoption process. Communication before, during and after placement is essential. So make sure that your selected adoption agency is as committed to you as you are them.

Before, during and after placement Adoption Choices of Colorado offers you support via your caseworker or Brenda Retrum, Director of Adoptive Parent Services. We maintain regular contact through phone or email, and make themselves available to help you from start to finish. This includes anytime post adoption as well. If you want to keep us in your back pocket as an ongoing resource or need any referrals to professionals, that’s perfectly ok.

When should I begin the home study process?

If you haven’t already, the home study portion of the adoption process should be started immediately. There is a lot involved, and it can take some time to get all the legal requirements met. Any related fees to the application and home study will need to be paid when you apply.

For more information on what all the home study entails, be sure to check out our blogs from March 2019.

How many children did you place last year?

When looking for an adoption agency you want to hire, it’s always good to make sure they have a good reputation and have a strong network. One way of finding this out is through asking this question. It’s one that we are asked a lot.

In answer, Adoption Choices of Colorado typically places between 20 and 25 children each year.

What if the adoption doesn’t work out?

Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging questions for prospective adoptive parents starting the adoption process. Having an adoption fall through is a huge fear, and something that every prospective adoptive parent dreads. However, it’s still important to know how your adoption agency will handle this circumstance.

We understand that adoptions not working out is a risk in the adoption process. If this happens, we have counseling services available to help you grieve and work through any looming financial aspects. There is a chance that you’ll be able to get some of your invested money back in the form of a check, or it can remain in escrow to go towards your next match. Any expenses disbursed to the birth mother, however, are non-refundable. We will continue to send you matches as they arise, but you don’t need to accept until you are ready.

The Adoption Process as Prospective Adoptive Parents

Ready to get started? To learn more information about our agency and available programs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you! Brenda Retrum is ready and excited to fill you in on a more in-depth view of the adoption process at Adoption Choices of Colorado, and getting you all set for your journey. Give her a call and schedule an orientation meeting with her today. Through her well-organized presentation, you will gain insight into understanding the adoption process as a prospective adoptive parent, and all the steps you need to take from start to finish.

Just think.

Very soon, your dreams of becoming a parent will be realized!

Adoption Choices of Colorado

For more information on adoption please contact Adoption Choices of Colorado. We can be reached via our website or phone 303-670-4401.

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