Adoption in Colorado: You Are in Control of Your Adoption Plan

Adoption is a huge decision with even bigger choices within the Colorado adoption plan. As a birth mother, you are in control of your adoption plan. You have many different adoption options in Colorado, and you get to decide everything that involves your adoption journey.

You can choose the type of adoption you want, who will raise your child, and most importantly, you can decide how your labor and delivery go. Your adoption plan involves a lot of options that you get to choose on your own.

Connecting with an adoption caseworker here at Adoption Choices of Colorado is the first step to your Colorado adoption process, and they will be able to guide you through your adoption plan. He or she will be able to tell you everything that you get to choose on your own. They will be a support team for you along with your own that you choose.

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You Can Choose the Type of Adoption

When choosing the type of adoption you want for your child, you are choosing the amount of communication you want with your child and their adoptive parents. You can choose between open, semi-open, or closed adoption in Colorado. You are in control of how much communication you want. A little, a lot, or something in between. This can be negotiated with the adoptive parents, but you make the final decision.

Open adoption has the most communication and connection because it is fully open. You will know who your child’s adoptive parents are, and they will know you with identification information shared. There will be little to no privacy. With this, you can stay in contact with your child a lot more. Staying in contact can be as simple as an email, or it could be as extreme as in-person visits. There is a long list of possibilities, including emails, phone calls, video chats, texting, connecting on social media, and in-person visits.

Semi-open adoption is something in between open and closed adoption. It gives you as much communication as you want, but also as much privacy as you want. Every kind of communication can be negotiated, but with semi-open adoption, the contact will not be as extreme as it could be with open adoption.

Closed adoption is the most private adoption. Identification information is not shared, and there will be no communication or contact between you, your child, and the adoptive parents. This may be the best type of adoption if you want a private life after giving birth and giving your baby up for adoption.

You Can Choose Who Raises Your Child

Choosing the adoptive parents is an important task. You are choosing who is going to raise your child their entire life. This is the biggest decision because no matter the reason behind choosing adoption, you want to give your child the best life they can have. You want them to be a part of a happy, healthy, and loving adoptive family and home.

You get to choose between many potential adoptive parents. You can look through a dashboard of tons of potential adoptive parents you may choose and decide based on their age, marital or single status, ethnic and cultural background, religious beliefs, location, and even personalities. An adoption caseworker at our Colorado adoption agency can help you through this decision and guide you to the best options for you and your child.

You Are in Control of Your Hospital and Delivery Plan

The day that you meet your child and potentially the adoptive parents is an important day with important decisions. You get to choose which hospital you will give birth in and what your day looks like, including whether or not you will meet the adoptive parents. You can also choose who is there to be a support team on the day of your child’s birth. This could be family members, friends, or no one. It is all up to you who is there to support you. This is a decision for if you want someone in the delivery room with you while you are giving birth or if you just want to be alone with the doctors and then your baby.

You get to choose how much time you get with your baby before he or she becomes the adoptive parents’ full-time adoptive child. It is all up to you. You are in control of this very important date. Planning your labor and delivery is a huge decision with tons of different options that you might not have thought of before.

You Choose the Support System You Have

Through the entire adoption process in Colorado, you can choose who you have around you for support. This can be your parents, siblings, friends, anyone you trust. If you want to keep this adoption private, that is okay. We have many professionals who are here to support you. We want to give you the most support that we can give. You are not alone, and we want you to remember that. You are in charge of your adoption plan and story.

Your adoption in Colorado is all up to you. If you have the birth father in your life and have a good relationship with him, he can help you make certain decisions. Yet, in the end, you choose everything. Your support system, if you choose, can give you their opinions and maybe even help you figure out the best choices for you. It’s all up to you.

Connect With One of Our Adoption Caseworkers and Start Your Adoption Plan Today

We have many professionals that can help you with your adoption plan here at Adoption Choices of Colorado. He or she can tell you every decision that you get to be in charge of. They can answer any question, big or small, and help you.

We are a private adoption agency here to explain to you what you get to decide for your adoption in Colorado. You get to decide everything, and we will be here to help you through each decision and show you every option. We will be here as a support team from choosing which type of adoption to your labor and delivery plan all in your adoption in Colorado.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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