Adoption Choices of Colorado’s Financial Assistance Resources for Birth Mothers

If you are a birth mother looking for financial assistance, there are various viable resources for birth mothers through your state’s programs, your adoption agency, and your child’s adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Colorado is a wonderful agency that will be sure your adoption services are handled with care and minimal to no cost to you.

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What kind of financial assistance do I qualify for if I am putting my baby up for adoption?

As a birth mother, you qualify for certain types of assistance. Some of this assistance can come through federal funding, which your caseworker at your chosen adoption agency can help you to get. Other financial assistance can come from your child’s adoptive family. They should have some money set aside for any needs you may have throughout or because of your pregnancy.

What kind of financial assistance for mental health issues do I qualify for if I am putting my baby up for adoption?

If you are in need of counseling due to Postpartum Depression or your emotional issues associated with putting your child up for adoption, your caseworker should be able to refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Any counseling-related services and expenses will be paid for either by your adoptive family or federal or state funding which can be applied for by your caseworker. Otherwise, you can always go to your nearest free mental health clinic.

What kind of financial assistance for legal aid do I qualify for if I am putting my baby up for adoption?

If you are in need of legal assistance during the Colorado adoption process, any referrals can be given to you by your caseworker. There are many law firms that specialize in adoption law and often take on birth mothers as clients for an adjusted fee or pro-bono. It is not definite that there will be no legal fees, but many lawyers are willing to represent birth mothers for little or no fee. A lawyer is a great way to be sure your rights are being protected, but your caseworker is also meant to protect your rights as a birth mother in the adoption process.

What kind of financial assistance for pregnancy-related medical bills do I qualify for if I am putting my baby up for adoption?

If you are in need of financial assistance for medical bills due to your pregnancy, your adoptive family should have money set aside to help you with these fees. Otherwise, just as with counseling-related fees from your pregnancy, your caseworker can help you apply for Medicaid and other federal and state financial resources for birth mothers. This is, of course, all dependent on the state you reside in. Depending on your state of residence, income, and socioeconomic background, you may even qualify for disability benefits due to your pregnant status.

Do I qualify for disability if I am putting my baby up for adoption?

As mentioned above, if you qualify for disability benefits, these can aid in any rent or utility issues throughout your pregnancy. Your adoptive family and your adoption agency should also be able to assist you in these matters. If you are in need of a place to stay or are unable to work, your agency should have temporary housing for you and programs in place to help with this. Disability benefit programs help adoptive families to provide for their child’s birth mother throughout her pregnancy. Any money would not go straight to the birth mother but instead would be set up in a trust account by your adoption agency for the birth mother to use for any of her pregnancy-related expenses. Unemployment insurance through your state can also aid you through the months of your pregnancy, which you may not be employed. If you’re not receiving an income to support yourself throughout your pregnancy, state unemployment insurance is a good solution to this problem.

Can I afford my pregnancy if I am placing my baby up for adoption?

Pregnancy can be very expensive and can affect if you are able to do your job, especially if your work poses a hazard to you and your baby. This is why Colorado’s financial assistance programs are so important. Adoption Choices of Colorado understands this and wants to help you through this process and the fees associated with it. You are doing a brave and selfless thing and should not have to worry about the money associated with it.

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