A Birth Mother’s Role in the Adoption Process

As a birth mother, making the choice to place your baby for adoption requires incredible emotional strength. It’s completely reasonable to have questions and to need guidance while you go through this process. Adoption Choices of Colorado has a multitude of resources for birth mothers considering adoption, and provides answers to some of the important questions you might have before starting your adoption journey. 

Having A Relationship with Your Child Following Adoption 

It’s perfectly natural to question the status of your relationship with your baby after they are placed for adoption. While it’s true that you forfeit your role as a parent and a primary caregiver, you can still have a role in your child’s life. Being there to explain to him or her that you placed them with a loving family to give them a better life than you could provide means a great deal to most adoptees. It can also help with your grieving process as a birth mother to know that your child is safe and loved. 

Adoption Choices of Colorado greatly encourages open adoptions. We find that it is often the most healthy choice for the birth mother, adoptive parents and, ultimately, your child. We require, at the very least, that adoptive families be open to sending pictures and letters regarding your child. The birth mother is also encouraged to send pictures and letters through the agency. However, there can also be visits and more personal and intimate relationships fostered, depending on the degree of openness both parties are willing to have. 

Being Pregnant and Having Nowhere to Live

As a birth mother, your greatest responsibility is to have a healthy pregnancy. It is the greatest labor of love, and it will allow you to place a healthy baby in a loving home. However, if you’re financially strained, and do not have a safe place to live, that is hugely problematic. What to consider when finding yourself pregnant and homeless is the safety threat. If you can’t guarantee a safe bed and a steady source of income for yourself, how can you guarantee that for your baby? 

Fortunately, our caseworkers are happy to help you apply for affordable housing, if your financial situation requires it. We can also assist you with paying for rent, during your pregnancy and immediately following your delivery. Finding yourself unexpectedly pregnant is scary enough, we want to ensure you have a safe place to sleep at night. This is both for you and the health of your baby. 

Where to Start With Doctors and Checkups Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Other important questions you might have would likely concern your immediate medical future. Many birth mothers don’t know where to start when they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. It is essential that you contact a doctor immediately upon discovering your pregnancy. They will schedule you for routine visits so you can ensure proper prenatal care. This will help identify any possible complications with your pregnancy, so it can be anticipated by the medical professionals. 

We will assign you a caseworker, and they will help you organize your prenatal appointments. Your caseworker can also take you to tour different hospital facilities, and you can identify what you feel most comfortable with. We also provide transportation to doctor’s appointments and hospital visits, should that be necessary. 

Proper medical care is the most essential of steps in a healthy pregnancy, which will eventually lead to a successful adoption. 

Getting to Choose the Adoptive Family

It takes immeasurable strength to place your child for adoption. However, many birth mothers do this with the knowledge that their child is going to a family who will be able to give them a better life. This is something that eventually brings many of them peace. 

In the midst of the adoption process, a birth mother’s role includes choosing the adoptive family of your baby. Every adoptive family prepares a miniature scrapbook. It is usually filled with photos of their family, home, vacations, and other aspects of their lives. They also include letters to the birth mothers that reveal a lot about themselves. This allows you to assess the quality of life that you want your child to have, and the quality of people you want them to be raised by. 

Furthermore, all of the prospective adoptive families go through intensive background checks. Their homes have been carefully evaluated by caseworkers and they also have to provide a State of Bureau investigation report. They also have to provide a child abuse clearance report, birth certificates, and their own personal health records. There is no stone unturned when vetting adoptive families. 

Struggling in the Aftermath of Adoption

We do not underestimate the grief that you may be experiencing as a result of placing your child for adoption. We want to treat that with the utmost respect, and allow you the time that you need to heal. There is no set time frame for dealing with any loss, and a birth mother’s role in the adoption process is no exception. 

If you find yourself questioning whether there are resources to help you deal with grief and anguish, or you need to understand why you chose adoption, Adoption Choices of Colorado offers counseling services to any and every birth mother that may require them. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in the adoption process. This is a free service, and is available to birth fathers, as well as other family members. We can point you in the direction of support groups, or get you a more private counseling setting. 

There might be questions that you didn’t even know you had, and navigating that is essential to your life moving forward. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to learn more about your adoption options, contact Adoption Choices of Colorado by email, phone, or text: Email Us, Text us: 720-371-1099, Call us: 303-670-4673 (HOPE). If you are hoping to adopt, please contact us here.

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