8 Ways to Celebrate Birth Fathers on Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a really bittersweet time for a birth father. Birth fathers are in the unique position of having biologically fathered a child, but they are not in the day-to-day role of raising and parenting that child. Not all birth fathers will have the same experience or relationship to fatherhood, and it is important to spend this day in a way that best honors your needs. 

There’s many ways to celebrate birth fathers on Father’s Day, and this blog will list 8 ideas to inspire your own celebration

If you need to connect with your child …

  1. Request a Father’s Day Check-In

If you don’t want to connect with your child in person, you can request that your child’s adoptive parents send you pictures, updates, drawings, etc.on Father’s Day. This can be a great way to feel connected with your child, and honor your love and care for them without bringing up the potential difficult emotions of meeting in person. 

  1. Plan a Day with Your Child’s Adoptive Family

Another way to celebrate birth fathers on father’s day is to plan a visit. If you and your child’s adoptive parents agree, Father’s Day can be a great day to schedule time all together. One of the many benefits of open adoption is that your child gets to celebrate having a relationship with both their adoptive and birth fathers. Creating a family tradition that includes the birth father for part of the special day, can be a great way for birth fathers to feel included and appreciated for their own unique role in their child’s life.

If you need to grieve …

  1. Talk With Loved Ones 

Some birth fathers find Father’s Day to be a particularly difficult time in their grieving process. It is very natural for this to be a hard day. You may need to take this time to talk with friends, family or professionals regarding the story of your child’s adoption or your current thoughts and feelings. It is great to give your support network a head’s up if you know this may be a difficult time, so that they can check in with you.

  1. Honor Your Child’s Presence in Your Life

Another great way to process your experience as a birth father is to take some time out of your day to celebrate your child on your own through a simple act. Maybe you want to plant a tree, look through old photos you’ve received or write a letter to your child. If you are still in touch with the birth mother, this may be a day to reach out and reminisce together. 

If you need to distract yourself …

  1. Intentionally Keep Busy

Some birth fathers don’t feel that it’s helpful to spend Father’s Day celebrating. One way of taking care of yourself can be making sure that you are scheduled to work or have other plans to keep yourself distracted. As long as this is done in an intentional way to keep your mind off difficult emotions, it can be a really powerful way to honor what you need most on this day.

  1. Treat It Like A Normal Day

There are many reasons you may not choose to celebrate Father’s Day. Perhaps, you don’t feel a close connection to the holiday or find it emotionally easier to just skip over. Maybe you have a difficult relationship with your own father or simply want to celebrate another day with your child. You don’t need to justify your choice not to celebrate this day to anyone. If ignoring the holiday is what’s best for you, simply treat Father’s Day like any other day.

If you need to surround yourself with support and connection …

  1. Celebrate Your Father/Father Figures

Father’s Day can be a great day to focus on gratitude and appreciation for your own father/father figures. It can feel really good to reach out for a phone call or schedule lunch with these special people in your life. Feeling grateful for their existence and influence in your life can help you feel connected and loved. 

  1. Day trip with your family

Another great way to connect with your chosen family on this day is to plan a day trip or other special event. Take this time to spend quality time with your loved ones, whether that be your family, close friends or partner or spouse. Taking care of yourself by making exciting plans that allow you to celebrate yourself, and the existence of those closest to you, is a really powerful way of honoring yourself on this day.

Ways to Celebrate Birth Fathers on Father’s Day

While there are an infinite number of options for celebrating birth fathers on Father’s Day, it is essential to focus on your own personal wants and needs. Take time to reflect, journal and check-in with yourself so you are aware of your own thoughts and feelings surrounding this day. It’s so important not to let anyone else tell you how to celebrate (or not celebrate) any holiday. 

Choose what’s going to be the best form of self-care for you and make plans accordingly. Allow yourself some flexibility if your needs change, and take time to recognize what an amazing role you’ve played in your child’s life by choosing adoption. You brought a child into this world and gave them the best chance for the life you wanted for them – that’s something worth celebrating! You deserve to take some time to honor yourself and your role in your child’s life in whatever way feels best for you. 

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