It’s here — the first week of May! Time to bring home a bouquet of mom’s favorite flower and cook her favorite dinner. Maybe treat her to a special gift, or a surprise morning coffee. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and a fun day for children to bless their mothers, and spouses to bless their wives.

Have you found a gift yet, or know what you’re going to do for Mom this year? No? If not, you still have time. For 2019, Mother’s Day arrives on May 12th. For those of you who need last minute ideas, Adoption Choices has you covered. Read on to check out our ideas.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Isn’t it nice getting up in the morning and smelling breakfast from the kitchen? Why not do that for Mom this year? Surprise her with breakfast. But take it to the next level. Instead of having her get out of bed to eat, why not serve her breakfast in bed? It’s an amazing gesture of love, and expresses gratitude for all the hard work she does.

Make sure, to do it correctly, to get up before she wakes up. Try and be as quiet as possible, and cook her one of her favorite breakfast dishes. On the tray next to the plate of food, you can add a Mother’s Day card and a mug of coffee or tea. If there’s room, a small vase with her favorite flower.

This is something you can do with or without children. It’s still a huge blessing to mothers.

2. Spa Day

Life is pretty crazy. After a long work day, nowadays, evenings are usually filled with TV or we’re glued to our phones. There’s not much face to face or bonding time anymore. This year, why not break the cycle? Make an appointment for Mom at a local Spa, and enjoy you and her time. For spouses, this could mean a romantic spa weekend getaway; for children, this could be an hour or two of you and mom time.

To add to the bounding time, treat her to lunch or a shopping trip afterwards. You’ll be able to make moments that are unforgettable, and will last a lifetime.

3. Pamper Mom with Self-Care Time

Mothers do so much for us. Clean, cook, nurture, comfort, encourage — the list goes on. They are warriors, rescuers, and all around superheroes. Thank Mom this year by pampering her with a “Mom day.” Encourage her to relax and take care of herself in a way that will revive and refresh her. Send her to a nail appointment or lunch with her girlfriends. Or, if she needs some alone time, let her have an afternoon off by herself.

Even superheroes need some rest and relaxation time now and then. Everyone has their limits. One day a year isn’t too much to ask. It’s the least we can do for her.

4. Plant or Gift Flowers

A way to show mothers how much we honor and appreciate them is through gifts and flowers. Seeds for her garden or potted plants are an excellent gift option. Make Mother’s Day the one guaranteed day a year she can have hanging flower plants brightening the eves around the house. Or the day where she receives her annual supply of flowers for planting season.

It may not seem like much, but mothers love flowers and this gesture will go a long way.

5. Cards and Presents

Having a hard time finding a gift? What are some things that Mom has been talking about lately? Maybe use that as a potential shopping list. If you aren’t able to do that, think about other gifts you can get her. Ever done something handmade for her? What about scheduling a flower delivery or making a Mother’s Day gift basket? There’s also baking cookies or her favorite treat.

For cards, this can either be store bought or handmade. Think about what you’d like to say to Mom and what she means to you. Cards found in the store can often match the message you want to send. Otherwise, creating a card from scratch is a good way to go.

6. Hugs and Affection

Showing mothers affection, and giving them hugs is something we all should do on a daily basis; but, especially on Mother’s Day, be sure to shower Mom with hugs, kisses and words of gratitude. Don’t be shy about telling her how much you love her, and how much you appreciate her. Take advantage of all the time you have with her. You’ll be thankful you did, as will she.

7. Mini Vacation

Does Mom have a bucket list she’d like to complete in her lifetime? Is there anything on that list that you can arrange for her? Go for it! Mini vacation to the beach? If you can afford it, do it. If you can’t, arrange time where you can visit a beach or water feature close to where you live. Pack a picnic. Take pictures. Document the experience however you can.

Maybe she wants a day trip to somewhere. Try and make that happen, too. Mother’s Day is all for her. Make it as special and memorable as possible.

8. Mother’s Day Hike

Along those same lines, if there’s a hike she wants to do but never has time for — Mother’s Day gifts you that time! Research the area she wants to go, and plan it during the best part of day. Not too busy with other foot traffic, etc. Take food along with you, and enjoy a nice meal together at the summit. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.

You can even make this a tradition in the years ahead. Branch out a bit each time, and explore new parks and hikes together. It’ll show Mom how much you care and support her.

May 2019

Mothers are true gifts and blessings. Their wisdom, grace and patience are unfathomable, and they don’t get as much credit as they should. That said, Adoption Choices would like to dedicate the whole month of May 2019 to mothers. For the entire month, we will be sharing stories and articles all about birth mothers and adoptive mothers.

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