5 Questions for Gestational Carriers to Ask Intended Parents 

The relationship between gestational carriers and intended parents can be an extremely rewarding one. Gestational carriers are not only helping intended parents achieve their dream of having children, but they are also entering into a relationship that lasts at least a year and could be lifelong! As a gestational carrier, communication between you and the intended parents is vital for keeping a positive, mutually beneficial relationship. 

When first discussing with intended parents, there are many questions that you can ask to see if they are a good match. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado will outline five examples of questions to ask intended parents, as well as why they are important. 

Questions to Ask Intended Parents

There will be many conversations that occur between gestational carriers and intended parents throughout the surrogacy process. However, the first conversations that gestational carriers and intended parents have together can reveal a lot about their relationship moving forward. In order to have a smooth and helpful conversation, five possible questions that gestational carriers can ask intended parents include: 

  • What is your family like?

As a gestational carrier, it may seem daunting at first to begin an early conversation with prospective intended parents. One good way to facilitate the conversation is to ask about the intended parents’ family, or why they’d like to have children. Chances are intended parents are very much looking forward to having children of their own, and are extremely passionate about this topic as well. Asking about the intended parents’ family is one good way to open up a conversation about values and to ensure that you could see yourself being a gestational carrier for the family. This can also help to form a relationship between you and the intended parents, especially if there are similarities you identify between your family and theirs!

  • What does your preferred surrogacy timeline look like? 

When planning for the gestational surrogacy process, ensuring that you and the intended parents have similar expectations for when you are hoping to begin the pregnancy is extremely important. Because many intended parents have been waiting and hoping to have children for a very long time, they may be extremely eager to have a child as soon as possible. As a gestational carrier, it is important to see if your schedule lines up well with the timeline that the intended parents are hoping to have. Whether or not you are in a good place to begin the gestational surrogacy process immediately can be an important topic to discuss with intended parents. 

  • What are you looking to include in our gestational surrogacy contract?

Establishing a gestational surrogacy contract is extremely important in protecting both gestational carriers and intended parents. Typically, once a match between gestational carriers and intended parents has been made, you will negotiate a gestational surrogacy contract together. Making sure that you and the intended parents are on the same page for what you are looking to include before the gestational surrogacy process begins is very important in ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated relationship. 

  • What are your expectations during the pregnancy?

Understanding what intended parents expect from you as a gestational carrier, as well as how involved they plan to be throughout the gestational surrogacy process, is very important to assuring a positive experience during the actual pregnancy. If intended parents’ expectations align closely with those of your own, you have all the more reason to expect that the match is favorable. However, it can be difficult for both gestational carriers and intended parents if these expectations do not align. It is important to ensure that what you want from the intended parents during the pregnancy is very close to what the intended parents are expecting for during the pregnancy as well. 

  • What kind of relationship are you looking to have after the gestational surrogacy process?

When discussing the gestational surrogacy process with prospective intended parents, understanding their expectations for your relationship in the future is very important to ensuring a good match. Some intended parents may want to maintain a very close relationship with you, even long after the child is born, because they are so grateful for the help that you provided in their gestational surrogacy journey. However, other intended parents may not be interested in this kind of relationship, and would prefer to limit the relationship to during the pregnancy instead. Both of these choices are completely acceptable on their end. As a gestational carrier, though, it is important for you to understand what you are looking for in your relationship with intended parents and to see if these expectations line up.

Finding a Match with Intended Parents

Ensuring that the match between gestational carriers and intended parents is strong is vital to having a positive gestational surrogacy process. At Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Colorado, we can aid in matching you with intended parents that are a good fit. However, it is important to communicate with them to make sure that the experience is as rewarding as possible. 

Along with these questions to ask intended parents, there are numerous ways to get to know them and see if you would work well together. We would love to support you through the journey of matching with intended parents and ensuring you are a good fit! 

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