5 Questions Answered About Colorado Adoption Plans

Choosing your child’s adoptive parents is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a birth mother pursuing adoption. Unfortunately, the stress of having to choose the perfect adoptive parents for your child and the general stress of pursuing adoption might mean that you may feel overwhelmed when thinking about the adoption process. The good news is that your anxiety is justified and that many mothers have been in your position before you. That’s why we have compiled five questions that are commonly asked about the adoption process and answered them so that you can have a clearer picture of what this process will look like. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we understand that this may be a very challenging time in your life. As such, when you work with us, you will find that our job can be distilled down to keeping you comfortable and cared for while guiding you through the adoption process. Forming your Colorado adoption plans can seem difficult at first, but with the right help, it can be made quite simple. Read along to see if any of these questions resonate with you. Hopefully, we can answer some of your more pressing adoption questions.

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1: How Do I Begin Forming My Colorado Adoption Plans?

Taking the first step is always difficult, but the good news is that oftentimes that truly is the hardest part about any new endeavor. Forming an adoption plan is only as difficult as taking that first step, especially if you choose to work with an adoption agency in Denver and throughout Colorado. This first step is always to do your research. Look into different agencies, read stories about successful adoptions, and, most importantly, ask yourself what you want out of your adoption journey. If you do eventually decide to work with a Colorado adoption agency, you can bring your notes to them to help integrate your needs into your adoption.  

2: Do I Need Parental Permission for Adoption if I’m a Minor?

It is natural for many expectant mothers to worry about the amount of agency they have when placing their child up for adoption, especially if they are a minor. That being said, in Colorado, you do not need parental permission in order to make decisions about your child. Whether it be keeping them and raising them yourself or choosing to place them up for adoption, the choice is yours. 

3: Can I Trust My Child With The Adoptive Parents?

Every expectant mother wants to ensure that when they choose adoption, they are also choosing a great future for their child. One of the first and most important factors in choosing adoptive parents is ensuring that they are trustworthy so that you can feel confident in your choice to leave your child with them. So how can you be sure about this? Well, when you work with an adoption agency, you can take solace in the fact that each parent has undergone a thorough background check before being added to the agency’s registry. Not only are prospective parents visited by a caseworker, but they also must submit a State Bureau of Investigation report as well as a series of additional paperwork. While your fears about your child’s safety are valid, you can rest easy and trust that the parents’ profiles you view have been thoroughly inspected and reviewed prior to your seeing them.

4: Am I Able to Contact My Child Post-Placement?

The degree to which a birth mother can contact their child post-placement will be decided upon prior to placement. This is why it is so important for a birth mother to take the time to assess how they feel about the adoptive process and how much they would like to be involved in their child’s life. In an open adoption, a birth mother will have more contact with their child, whether it be letters, phone calls, or visits. In a closed adoption, though, there will be no contact post-placement, and how much you interact with your child will essentially be determined by them once they are of age. 

5: Do I Need The Birth Father’s Consent?

When an expectant mother is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it is not uncommon for them to be struggling with the pregnancy on their own. Oftentimes the birth father of their child is not supportive or even nowhere to be found. Fortunately, a birth mother does not need the consent of the birth father in order to place their child up for adoption. 

Creating Your Colorado Adoption Plans

While creating an adoption plan may seem like a daunting task, there is no reason that it has to be, especially if you work with a reputable agency that you can trust. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we make it our mission to offer compassionate and knowledgeable service to all birth mothers, regardless of their circumstances. We want to take some of your stress away by taking your concerns into consideration for every part of the adoption process.

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