5 New Year’s Resolutions as a Birth Mother in a Colorado Adoption

New Year’s is around the corner. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we want to wish all the birth mothers a Happy New Year. We know it is a hectic time for you. You may be wondering how to turn over a new leaf in 2022. If you have trouble with what New Year’s Resolutions in a Colorado adoption you want to make for the upcoming new year that will benefit you as a birth mother, here are five New Year’s resolutions for Colorado birth mothers that we recommend you try. 

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  1. Reach Out to Family and Friends
    Whether it is during or after your pregnancy, having a support system is important. You may be feeling that you have to carry the burden by yourself. You may have distanced yourself from any help due to guilt, shame, or grief of having to give up their baby for adoption. However, in this resolution, you can decide to have people that love and care for you no matter what. You choose who your family is. Whoever supports you through the decision-making and is also their post-pregnancy, have them close to you and spend time with them. Reconnect those relationships and have them in your journey during the Denver adoption process.
  2. Use Colorado Adoption Service: Free Counseling
    Counseling is free at Adoption Choices of Colorado. We want you to be able to receive the utmost care for your physical, emotional, and mental health. Having someone to discuss your feelings during this adoption process is important. Your insecurities, worries, and traumas need to be validated, accepted, and processed by you through a professional who will understand, sympathize, and empathize with you. Additionally, group counseling is available if you are comfortable sharing our story with a group that has shared this similar experience. Whichever form of counseling works best for you. We encourage you to continue or pursue this option for yourself in the coming New Year
  3. Spend Time with Your Child After Colorado Adoption
    You may have decided to do an open or semi-open adoption with your child once the baby is born. When you relinquish your rights to the adoptive family, some grief may be swirling in your mind and heart. However, you can use the adoption you chose as an opportunity to schedule communications with your child. At first, you may be shy or reserved about the idea because of unresolved feelings of going through the Colorado adoption process. However, you know that the family you chose understands your situation, and you know they are going to take care of your child and let you see them. So, as another New Year’s resolution, take that leap of faith and initiate contact. Go see your child and create that special bond that you crave for the foreseeable future. One step of courage is all it takes to create a continuous tradition and communication. 
  4. Keep a Personal BM Journal
    You may be worried about the entire adoption journey and don’t have the energy to talk to a counselor or a family member right now. We understand it’s not easy to talk to someone about what goes on in your head. However, we recommend that you create a birth mother journal for your New Year’s resolution. It’s just like your typical journal from maybe when you were a child. It’s private, and your thoughts and concerns about your adoption journey can be written down. This birth mother journal can be about anything you feel or think or want to even out during and after the pregnancy. Just writing down what is happening can possibly give you a better grasp of what is happening and your decisions. Sometimes reading them out in words is better than juggling all the decisions and things you have to do in your head. Think of it as compartmentalizing your mind and lessening the burdens on your shoulders. You are a birth mother going through an experience close to the New Year. Make it a goal to write consistently in your birth mother journal.
  5. Send a Gift or Letter to Your Colorado Baby
    You may be a birth mother who decided it was best to have no contact at all with the adoptive family or your child. We support that decision and will be here for any support after the adoptive family gives the baby. However, if you still want to send something important to the child for their future, such as a gift or letter, we will be happy to send that to the adoptive family. It is okay that you do not want to contact the child and may not change your mind in the future. However, if you want to relay an important message or send a gift that is a memento for a resolution, make it a mission to send something that is from the heart that your child must have and know about. You made the hard decision to choose this adoption type, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t care about your child. Make that step for yourself and the baby.

New Year’s Resolutions in a Colorado Adoption

Adoption Choices of Colorado wishes you a very happy and healthy New Year. We hope your resolutions during or after the adoption process get fulfilled. For all birth mothers, we hope you begin a new leaf into the new year of 2022 and do what’s best for your child but, most importantly, yourself. 

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