Hello! 6 months ago our family was blessed with an amazing gift…we adopted a beautiful baby boy and added 1 more child to love in our home! Our adoption journey was one filled with hopes, dreams, and prayers and because of our son’s birth mom all of our prayers were answered! It is difficult to put into words the amount of gratitude and respect that we have for her and for the selfless decision that she made. Our family has truly been blessed because she loved our son so much!

Adoption has been such a blessing to our family! When my husband and I began the process it was because we knew in our hearts that raising a family was the most important and meaningful part of our lives! It brings tears to my eyes to think of the joy and pride that our children give us each and every day. Our dream was to add to our amazing family and bring even more love in to our home. We began our journey filled with hope that we would be chosen by a birth mom that saw in us the love and commitment that we had to raising children. We dreamt of a baby coming into our lives that would complete our family and share in our future. Adoption has answered our prayers and exceeded our hopes and dreams. I remind myself everyday how blessed our family is that this beautiful baby came into our lives.
It is difficult to put in to words the amount of love, gratitude, and respect that we have for our son’s birth mom. I cannot imagine the pain that she went through as she made her decision for him…the decision to allow our family the privilege of raising him. I am certain that it had to be one of the most difficult decisions that she has ever made and I have unending respect for her selfless choice. Her love for her baby was what mattered most and she set her own feelings aside to do what she thought was best for him. We are so very grateful that our family has been blessed by her strength and courage. Our lives have been changed forever in the most beautiful way because of her bravery and strength.
Our journey would not have been possible without the wonderful support that we received from Adoption Choices of Colorado. From the very beginning the staff at Adoption Choices was there for us to offer emotional support, answer questions, and guide us through this process with their knowledge and experience! We worked closely with Christy, who was a fantastic source of information and support and always patient with us as we asked many, many questions! She took the time to get to know our other children and made them feel like part of the process! I feel blessed we had Adoption Choices helping us build our family! We never felt lost or alone in this process because of Christy and her staff…they always had time for us and were compassionate and caring about our feelings and our family!
Adoption is one of the most beautiful experiences that I have ever been a part of. Our lives and our hearts have been forever changed because of this beautiful baby and the strength of the woman who gave him life.

Kevin and Kimberly

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