3 Reasons to Choose a Transracial Adoption in CO

Transracial adoption, otherwise known as interracial or multiracial adoption, is a term that is probably uncommon to most people and may even be uncommon to people actively considering adoption. However, many of us have likely had some experience with transracial adoption, as it is more common than you would think. To put it simply, transracial adoptions are when birth mothers place their child with a family of a different race. In addition, adoption is often considered transracial when the child belongs to a different ethnic group. Transracial adoptions can present great opportunities for everyone involved, including the birth mother, their child, and the adoptive family. Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we aim to provide you with any and all information you may need during your adoption journey. Transracial adoption in CO can be great, and we want you to be familiar with just a few reasons you should consider them.  

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1. Ignoring Stereotypes 

When people imagine or talk about what a family looks like, in many cases, they ignore the full scope of what a family can be. This is something everyone does because we all have a tendency to imagine what we know. However, there are many families that don’t reflect this standard, conventional image. When choosing a transracial adoption for your child, you are choosing to confront stereotypes. You’re giving your child a beautiful chance at life and broadening people’s image of what a family looks like. There will always be people who look at a transracial, diverse family and judge, but despite this, you can take pride in the fact that you are choosing to do something great for your child while embracing diversity.  

 2. Sharing Cultures

The increasing diversity in the United States means that different groups of people are now interacting more frequently. Transracial adoptions have the same effect, causing people from different backgrounds to share their cultures. This can be a great opportunity for adoptive families to learn more about their adopted child’s background and make an effort to play an active role in the celebration of their culture. Sharing culture within a transracial adoption can be a special opportunity where everyone truly learns more about one another and acknowledges both the similarities and differences between us. 

3. Providing Opportunity 

A Colorado adoption, in general, can provide great opportunities for everyone involved. It gives the birth mother the chance to give their child a better life and, with an open adoption specifically, still play a role in their lives, albeit from a distance. Transracial adoptions provide all of the same benefits and a few of their own. For example, in the case of transracial adoption done internationally, many birth mothers come from countries with a surplus of children being placed for adoption. In some cases, this may even make a transracial adoption likely because of the demographics of the United States. As a birth mother looking to place your child up for adoption, understanding the likelihood of a transracial adoption means that you can begin taking a completely holistic perspective on adoption. There are many great people who are ready and willing to be parents, and being open to transracial adoptions just means that there are plenty of prospective adoptive parents for birth mothers to choose from. 

Is Transracial Adoption in CO Right For Me And My Child? 

First and foremost, nobody can determine if adoption or any specific type of adoption is right for you. This is a beautiful, selfless decision that only you can make as the birth mother. You know what’s best for you and your child, so while many factors can influence your decision, no one can decide for you. At Adoption Choices of Colorado, we encourage you to choose an adoptive family after considering the whole picture. You should ask questions like: what type of contact do I want with my child? What values would I like the adoptive parents to have? What kind of life do I want for my child? And if you’re considering transracial adoption specifically, you may ask yourself: What role do I want my culture to play in my child’s life? Considering these questions and being open to all the opportunities for adoption can ensure you choose the right for you and your child. Adoption Choices of Colorado wants to see birth mothers succeed throughout their adoption journey and be able to confidently navigate any challenge the adoption process may throw at them. 

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