3 Benefits of Transracial Adoption for Birth Mothers in Colorado

Adoption is something that can be new for all of the people involved in the adoption process. Transracial adoption can definitely be a new experience for many. It can also be an educational and cultural adjustment for everyone involved.

When placing your child with an adoptive family of a different race, you and they will be exposed to a different culture. Exposing yourself and your child to a different culture can help you embrace diversity. It can also help break down stigmas. By choosing transracial adoption, you can show your child, the adoptive parents, and those around you that it’s normal. That the color of yours or their skin doesn’t matter.

Here at Adoption Choices of Colorado, we encourage you to explore the benefits of transracial adoption. We will be with you every step of the way and have many resources on transracial adoption to help you feel confident and informed in your adoption journey.

1. Be Exposed to a New Culture within Transracial Adoption

Whether you are the birth mother, the child, or the adoptive parents, you will be exposed to a new culture in transracial adoption. For the adoptive parents, you will have an adoptee of a different race than you. You might be asking yourself: How do I raise a baby who doesn’t have the same skin color as me? The same way you would if they did have the same skin color. They are your child through and through, no matter what they look like. You will still love them all the same and embrace that diversity. You can teach them all about your own culture while learning about theirs from your peers of the same race as them or the birth mother.

For the birth mother, if you have an open or semi-open adoption, you will get to see this new culture for your child. You will see the adoptive family embracing diversity and loving them all the same. You might even learn about the adoptive parents’ different cultures and give them knowledge about the child’s culture and racial background. Exchanging those cultural beliefs and norms will help everyone in the adoption process become educated and get closer to one another.

For the child, there are many benefits of transracial adoption. He or she will also learn a lot about the culture of their adoptive parents and you. He or she will learn about multiple cultures and backgrounds. It will be a great learning advantage and will expose them to new cultural ideas and surroundings. To help them see both sides of the world. There are so many different races all over the world, but for them to learn about two right at the start will be a great way to show them the diversity that the outside world holds. Later on in life, they will accept people just the way they are and won’t judge people based on race, skin color, or DNA.

2. Breaking Down Stigmas with Transracial Adoption

There is a less than half percentage of transracial adoption in the United States. This creates a stigma that transracial adoption is a negative thing and can cause problems, but transracial adoption is beneficial. If more parents adopt transracially, and there is more positive education about it,  the existing stigma behind transracial adoption will decrease.

Many people who do not support transracial adoption say, for instance, that black children should only be adopted by black parents. They think it’s unnatural for white people to raise black children because they are not a part of that culture. These stigmas can cause a lot of judgement and racism. Yet, through transracial adoption, this image can change. You can be a part of that.

3. Embracing Diversity as a Birth Mother Considering Transracial Adoption

Embracing diversity is an important part of transracial adoption. Showing your child that it’s okay to be different and that it’s okay having adoptive parents of different skin color and culture is very important. This will help your child develop a strong and healthy sense of self and self-confidence about who they are. No matter your different skin color, differences can be celebrated.

Transracial adoption is something that many won’t do, but when it comes to same-sex marriages and pregnancy incompatibilities, adoption is the only option. That is diverse in itself. Yet, when you place your child for adoption with an adoptive family who has a different race than your own, you are showing the world that you love them for them. That you are wanting your child to grow up with a more open-minded view of the world, and to have respect for those who have a different race, ethnicity, or culture than he or she does.

Transracial Adoption is Beneficial

Adoption is such a beautiful thing, and transracial adoption is no exception. Embracing diversity is so important. It can impact you, your child, and the adoptive parents in a positive way.

If you are willing to consider adoptive parents who don’t share your race, ethnicity, or culture, transracial adoption may be the option for you. This form of adoption is truly a great way for you to explore other aspects of the world, and to have a new and educational experience overall.

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